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  • 23 Feb, 2017
The feeling of contentment that one feels after thoroughly cleaning the house is one of the most cherished feelings. Everything in its proper place, all things dust-free and each room’s fragrance fresh and reviving! The thought itself is invigorating! Like a big teddy hug from the house.
Have you heard the saying, ‘your thoughts become your reality’? Yes, your thoughts can become real. Get a big hug from your home sweet home by using natural home-made cleaning solutions to clean your house.

The next time you have a basin to scrub or a window to sponge, just raid your pantry. Everyday products like club soda, vinegar, and even vodka make for quick, inexpensive, and effective house cleaners. These natural cleaning recipes are not only environment-friendly but are also cost-effective. It's time to eliminate the toxins and chemicals from your home. Let’s go-

For all the Monica Geller’s out there, here are a few of DIY home-made cleaning recipes that will assist you in making all your surfaces sparkle.

Home-made All-Purpose Cleaner

  All-purpose cleaner is a must-have in your house to clean all types of hard surfaces and virtually wipe out germs. The procedure of making the cleaner goes like this:

  1. Take half cup of white vinegar,
  2. 2 tbsp. of baking soda, and
  3. Ten drops of essential oils, such as tea tree, lavender or lemon for their sterilising properties
  4. Blend all the ingredients well and store them in a glass amber spray bottle.

Glass Cleaner

Keep your windows and mirrors clean and clear with this home-made glass cleaner. The necessary components that you will need to prepare this glass cleaner include:

  1. 2 cups of water
  2. Half cup of cider or white vinegar
  3. One-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol (70 per cent concentration) and
  4. 1 or 2 drops of any essential oil (for its lovely scent)
  5. Mix all the components and keep them in a spray bottle. Shake the solution well before using.

Important Tip : Don’t clean windows on a hot, sunny day else the solution will dry fast and leave a lot of streaks on the glass.

Liquid Dish Soap

If you are expecting a big, bubbly soap mixture, then don’t get your hopes up with this solution. However, if you are looking for a liquid dish soap that is hard on the dishes yet delicate on your skin, then this solution will work wonders. The ingredients to make this liquid dish soap are:

Half cup warm distilled water

  1. 2 tbsp. kosher salt
  2. Half cup white vinegar
  3. Half cup Dr Bronner’s Sal Suds
  4. 1 tbsp. lemon juice, and

Lemon essential oil (for its aroma and disinfectant properties)

The recipe is as follows:

Mix warm distilled water with salt, and keep stirring until all the salt gets dissolved. Next, in a separate container, combine vinegar, sal suds, and lemon juice. Stir the blend into the salt water mix, and keep stirring until it becomes thick. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil for its fragrance and antiseptic properties. The dish soap is now ready. For convenience, store the soap into a dish soap container.

Wood Furniture Conditioner

The home-made wood furniture conditioner will nourish and restore your wood furniture. This conditioner’s making and application is a cakewalk. To make the wood polish, you will require:

  1. 1 tbsp. of olive oil
  2. 30 cup of distilled water, and
  3. 30 drops of essential oil, for example, pine, lemon, or lavender
  4. Combine these ingredients and store the liquid in a glass amber spray bottle; always jiggle well before using.

Always remember, white vinegar and baking soda cleans just about anything and everything.
We hope that these easy to make home-made cleaning recipes will be highly beneficial in your everyday cleaning processes.

Happy Cleaning!
By Brisas Carpet Care 03 May, 2017
One is every five people suffer from Asthma or Allergies, and it can often be difficult to keep the sniffling and sneezing at bay in your household. Inside contaminants are ten times higher indoors than in our outside environment and with people spending over 80% of their time inside, what can we do to lessen allergens within our home? Here are a few great tips that will reduce allergens, dust mites, and contaminants within your personal sanctuary.
By Brisas Carpet Care 22 Mar, 2017

All good things come to an end. And so do your carpets at some point of your life! But with proper care and management, you can increase the longevity of your carpets.

By RTOWN Production 23 Feb, 2017
The feeling of contentment that one feels after thoroughly cleaning the house is one of the most cherished feelings. Everything in its proper place, all things dust-free and each room’s fragrance fresh and reviving! The thought itself is invigorating! Like a big teddy hug from the house.
By Brisas Carpet Care 23 Feb, 2017

Nylon, olefin, acrylic or wool, whichever type of carpet you own, the truth is that you’ve made a substantial investment by choosing carpeting for your dwelling. Your new carpets will last for an aeon, but only with the proper care and maintenance, you’ll be able to retain its new look and crane its life.

By RTOWN Production 13 Jan, 2017

Most of us have carpets in our homes because the luxury of warm feet is an indispensable part of our lifestyle. The super important question that now arises is whether you have pets in your abode too? If you are nodding your head, then you should definitely know a few cleaning hacks to keep your home spick and span.

By Brisas Carpet Care 20 Dec, 2016
Just like   you  clean your  pet once a week, or launder your  clothes when they become dirty, your   carpet too requires maintenance at least once every year.   Cleaning and maintaining the beauty of your   carpets  is a must for a residence to be reliable, fresh and hygienic. Do   you  still remember the day when you  desired to buy those beautiful rugs for your  home sweet home? You  know yourself how much money you invested in them, don’t you ?
By Brisas Carpet Care 16 Nov, 2016
Well, when it comes to choosing the right type of carpet , this is not where the world comes to an end!

Today, we are going to give you 5 quick tips that will help you realize that - plushness and contrasts might be the two things that you consider for making a style statement for your home, there are several other things that you often pay no heed to.

Tip 1: Carpet’s Function

How can you forget carpet’s function when picking a carpet for your home? It’s a blunder! Tip 1 is never to forget the function of the carpet. Ask yourself: Am I buying this carpet for highlighting a certain piece of furniture? Will the carpet tie the room together? Will I put down this carpet on cold floors during winters? Do I need a carpet for noise reduction?

Your answers will play a key role in directing you to make a right carpet choice.

Tip 2: Carpet Fibers

Wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene and trixeta are some of the different carpet fiber types. Wool carpets are the most durable, soft and expensive type; nylon and trixeta are stain resistant and so perfect for family homes or high-traffic areas; Polypropylene is a synthetic fiber- stain-free, crush resistant and inexpensive.

Keep in mind the carpet fiber types and the factors that set them apart before deciding on a carpet for your home.

Tip 3: Room Style

Figure out the right size, color and pattern of your room’s carpet to create a well-balanced space.

For large living rooms, two rugs can create two separate living rooms. For entrances opening to other rooms or a stairway, less is more. For a study or home office, a carpet that fits both the table and chair is ideal for a comfortable working environment. For maximizing the space visually, just like mirrors, brighter carpet colors and diagonal pattern carpets can serve the purpose. For bedrooms, soft woolen carpets with longer threads are suitable to soften the harsh noises. What’s more, for a children’s room, rely on a carpet with short threads.

Always follow the room style tips to choose the best carpets to suit your home.

Tip 4: The Padding

Carpet padding is a vital part of your floors. This spongy material that is cut smaller than the carpet is what people generally forget about. The main aim of underlay is to shield your carpet from damage, from wearing against the subfloor, and stress from traffic above. So if you want to make the most of your carpet, there are many different kinds of carpet padding you may want to consider.

Foam, rubber, and fiber are the most common types.

The next time you are hunting for the right carpet, don’t forget about the cushion needed for your carpet. Forget about slipping & sliding with carpet cushions!

Tip 5: Carpet Samples

When you go shopping for clothes, don’t you always try your favorite pieces first before actually buying them, you do right? Then, how can you simply pick a carpet before really trying it in your home? Take home the carpet samples of your shortlisted favorites and watch for their compatibility with your furniture, lighting and wall colors.

After all, you should be glee about your carpet flooring at all times of the day.

Lastly, Keep Your Carpet Clean

With these 5 quick tips, hopefully, you will make the right carpet selection for your home. But what is even more important is keeping that carpet clean. As dirt remains in the deepest fiber of materials, if not cleaned regularly and properly it can be harmful to the health of your family and guests.

For ideal results, it’s important to vacuum your carpet regularly and hire a professional at Brisas Carpet Care to come in and steam clean your carpet occasionally. Keep your carpet looking and smelling great with carpet cleaning services from Brisas Carpet Care. We understand different types of carpet material and understand the appropriate procedure for cleaning your carpet. Because it matters to us!

Let Brisas Carpet Care take care of your carpet today. Contact us.

By Brisas Carpet Care 28 Oct, 2016

Take a good long look at your living room or your bedroom. Now, if you were asked what is the one thing that you wish would be easier to maintain, there is a high probability that your answer will be - the carpet.

A carpet can be found in every household but constantly keeping it clean and stain-free remains one of the grave mysteries that most homeowners have failed to crack.

Despite your utmost care and concern, your carpet is bound to fall victim to stains and dirt. The usual norm is to prevent rather than cure. Well for carpets, if you can’t prevent it, then you might as well cure it. But curing, or rather, cleaning a carpet is where the problem lies.

Most homeowners have failed to find concrete solutions on how carpets can be easily cleaned. Most of the time professional carpet cleaning service is the only answer. But there are a variety of things that homeowners can do by themselves to minimize the damage to their carpets.

Below is a list of a few professional carpet cleaning secrets that you can adopt to ensure a cleaner carpet.

Do Not Rub or Scrub Stains

One of the biggest “don’ts” of carpet care is to strictly avoid rubbing or scrubbing stains. Accidents happen, and you can’t always prevent them but trying to remove a stain by rubbing or scrubbing is just going to make it worse. By doing this, you spread the stain and destroy the fibers.

By Brisas Carpet Care 26 Sep, 2016
Carpets are made stain-resistant but not stain-proof. From coffee to red wine stains and skin flakes, dust, dirt, food crumbs and anything that has come in the house from pets and shoes get trapped in the carpet. To maintain a healthy environment and to prolong the life of your carpet, regular cleaning is required.

For maintaining the health of your carpets, you will require professional experts . Their knowledge and expertise will preserve the investment you have made into your floor.

Clean your carpets with hot water extraction

For your residential and commercial carpet floors, hot water extraction is an
effective method for carpet cleaning . Hot, soft water and an organic cleaning solution are injected into the fiber, to break up and loosen the dust particles, soil, and grime. Then, hot water is sprayed at high pressure for extraction, which leaves the fiber fresh and clean. Natural fibers can be cleaned easily with hot water extraction at a low temperature to prevent shrinking.

Vacuum all the dust away

Carpets are large air filters and trap dust mites and other allergens, which is a cause of major concern for people suffering from asthma and allergies. To maintain your indoor air quality, regularly vacuuming the carpet is important. Also, to manage your home hygiene and to add years to the life of your carpet, vacuuming is essential.

Organically cleaned carpets

Organic cleaning means cleaning with natural products. Organic carpet cleaning is also called green carpet cleaning. Citrus products are commonly used for green cleaning. Chemicals, synthetics, and ammonia-free detergents are used for organic cleaning. Organic products are made allergy-prone for the health of your family and pet.

Your beautiful carpet with red wine stains

Don’t let that red wine stain on your beautiful, plush carpet scare you. There are various ways to remove that stain. One, you can clean it by using basic cleaning products like baking soda, salt, club soda, vinegar, dish soap and carpet stain remover. Second, you can take professional help if you can’t tackle the stain right away. Professional helpers use organic cleaning products, which are safe for your carpet and home.

Hire carpet cleaners

To remove troublesome allergens from your carpets, you require professional help. Professional carpet cleaners use machines that have super strong suction, which enables them to extract all the rigid and stubborn stains. Also, a professional cleaner will have more knowledge about different types of carpets and different cleaning methods according to their types. They will help you to protect your carpets from future stains and spots.


Brisas Carpet Care offers you the highest quality, safest, environmentally- friendly, professional cleaning solutions available, to ensure that your carpet is as clean and residue-free as possible. They believe in using organic products, which are allergy-free, biodegradable and non-toxic for carpet cleaning.

With the use of organic products and natural process, Brisas Carpet Care can make your carpets look and smell great. They create a protective, invisible shield, keeping in mind the safety of your kids and pets. Their carpet cleaning equipment is considered to be one of the best in Vancouver carpet cleaning business.

For over 10 years, Brisas Carpet Care has been giving Vancouver complete carpet care solutions and providing them high-quality carpet cleaning services . If you need carpets cleaned in Vancouver, BC, simply call us .
By Brisas Carpet Care 10 Aug, 2016
We all spend more than half of our time at home. Research shows that indoor air is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. If this is true, then definitely it is crucial that we keep our homes as clean as possible by curtailing the amount of dust, dirt and bacteria moving about in the air.

Dirty carpets are a home to viruses, dust mites and creepy crawlies. This is why regular vacuuming and deep cleaning is ideal for improved indoor air quality.

Clean Carpets Mean Beautiful and Welcoming Surroundings

If your carpets are full of dirt and grime, it is embarrassing to welcome guests to your home. One great reason to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned is to ensure that you kill carpet odors. Moreover, if you are planning to sell your home, it is vital to prepare for home tours. No doubt, freshly cleaned carpets appeal to buyers.

Give your carpets a spa day to refresh your living spaces

Cleaning the carpets makes a huge difference in the overall impression of your home’s cleanliness, and gives a house that just-moved-in feel.

Here are 5 EASY tips to CLEAN CARPETS –

Quickly Deal with Spills

Accidental spills on carpets are a mess! Treating the affected carpet area on time can save you money. If the spills sit longer on your carpet, they become stubborn and leave stains. Brisas Carpet Care advises that rather than rubbing the stain, using an absorbent cloth, covering the stain, and leaving it overnight will help remove the stain.

Regular Vacuuming

Carpets trap dust particles within their fibers. Regular vacuuming prevents soil from embedding itself in the pile. Before washing your carpets, vacuuming is essential to eradicate the dust. Otherwise, the loose dust will get wet, and it will stick to your carpet even more firmly. Remove deeper particles with vacuuming!

The Perfect Solution for Your Carpet’s Fabric

There can never be one solution for all carpet fabric types. Every carpet is different, having unique texture and fabric, so never damage your carpet and take away its shine by using a wrong solution on it. Although, chemical solutions remove stains from carpets, they also ruin carpets far worse than the stain. Find out the right solution for your carpet’s fabric with the help of carpet cleaning professionals .

Clean Carpet Pet Stains Naturally

Are you blessed to have animals in your homes to brighten your lives? Then, you must already know pet carpet accidents are a usual occurrence. But do you also know that the process of cleaning carpet pet stains should only involve natural products? Yes! This is because you should never expose your beloved pets to harmful chemicals. Also, organic solutions help retain the luster and shine of the carpet. Brisas Carpet Care suggests that you use warm water and an organic solution and scrub the affected area to get rid of the stains instantly and without any hassle.

Hiring a Professional for Deep Carpet Cleaning

It’s great that you attempt carpet cleaning on your own, but you are only getting the surface area clean without an expert on your side. Your carpet needs deep cleaning every 6 to 8 months. Don’t run the risk of residual stains popping up over time and pet odors lingering on in your house! Brisas Carpet Care has the experience, equipment and knowledge to deep clean your carpets so you can live without dust and grime, stains and odors on your flooring.

Say yes to long-lasting, clean carpets and healthy environment with Brisas Carpet Care cleaning .
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