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Carpet Cleaning In Greater Vancouver Since 2004

Brisas Carpet Cleaning has been caring for families just like yours with organic products and expert processes that naturally clean and deodorize all carpets, rugs, stains, leather, upholstery, and more. We are family owned and have been operating in the Greater Vancouver area for over 10 years, maintaining neighbourly values and the highest standards of customer care, and excellence in our field.

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Facts about cleaning carpets

At Brisas Natural Carpet Care, pressurized hot water extraction is the method we use to thoroughly clean your carpets. In our experience, it is proven to be the most effective method for both Residential and Commercial floors.

The pressurized hot water extraction process uses truck mounted pressure pumps and water heaters that create a combination of high water pressure for loosening dirt, and hot water which dissolves it, allowing for more complete extraction and decreased cleaning time.

The pressure pump also works as a powerful vacuum to remove the water from your carpet, once the cleaning process is complete. This is important as we know you want to get back to using your fresh, clean home as soon as possible!

A typical carpet cleaning would start with a pre-conditioning of your carpet paying particular attention to soiled or stained areas with a natural pre-conditioner solution. This is followed by light agitation with a grooming brush. Then the carpet or rug is passed over several times with a manual cleaning tool which rinses out the pre-conditioner and using another natural solution, restores the carpet fibres to a neutral state. Finally, your carpet or upholstery is thoroughly vacuumed to remove the soil, cleaning solution and odour and to accelerate the drying process and eliminate any possibility of saturation.

Natural Cleaning

We only use the highest quality, safest, environmentally friendly professional cleaning solutions available, to ensure that your carpet is as clean and residue-free as possible.
This means that your carpeting stays cleaner longer, especially when compared to using cheaper or more chemical based methods on your carpet and upholstery.

With the wide selection of cleaning products available, unfortunately some Vancouver carpet cleaners cut corners by using less expensive, less effective and perhaps even dangerous chemicals that are bad for your health, bad for your carpet, bad for the environment and can leave behind a sticky residue.

We only use allergy free products. All cleaning products are bio-degradable, non toxic, and especially safe for children & pets.

Our cleaning system blends natural processes very efficiently. Our carpet cleaning equipment is considered to be some of the best in Vancouver because it balances the natural principals of airflow, vacuum lift, water temperature and water pressure. When this technology is combined with quality natural cleaning solutions – you get fabrics, upholstery and carpets that are cleaned deeper and more thoroughly. The combined natural technology enables us to give you the very best job money can buy… and it dries faster too!

Brisas’ focus is carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning for the health and maintenance of your carpets and upholstery… and your family! We remove the gritty soil, allergens, bacteria and stains. This improves the indoor air quality of your home or business as well as adding years of life to your carpets and upholstered furniture.

Feel free to contact Brisas Carpet Care to ask questions about our services or set up an appointment.

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Introducing Your Carpets: A Very Important Filter

Your carpets are an important part of keeping your indoor environment healthy. They act as a filter – trapping dust, pollen, food particles, skin cells, bacteria, pet dander and contaminants from freely circulating in your home. Cleaning these filters is very important to keeping your family healthy and reducing allergies.

Regular professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning is about more than keeping things looking clean, it really is about the health of your family.

People come in and out of your home; pets live there; and your family eats, sleeps, and breathes there. That means air quality control is important. A clean carpet traps circulating particles pulled by gravity from the air down to the floor. This trapping improves indoor air quality until the carpet fibers become saturated. Then, your carpets filtering benefit is reduced by allowing the trapped particle to be released back into the air. It is important to have your carpet and rug cleaning performed regularly by professionals. It is also important to change your heating/air-conditioning filters regularly.

Dust Mites: Another Creepy Issue

Around 70% of the people who have house dust allergies are also sensitive to air borne “mite parts” (protein in their fecal pellets and dead body parts). Dust mites feed off of microscopic fragments of human skin cells as well as fungi and bacteria.

Every person loses approximately 50 million skin cells a day, shedding these off during movement during the day. Unfortunately that means that dust mites have an abundant food supply available in a dirty carpet. Regular carpet and rug cleaning by professionals is recommended to control the significant health problems linked to dust allergies.

On Time and On Budget

We respect your valuable time by keeping to our schedule and will show up promptly on the day of your cleaning. If circumstances beyond our control prevent that, we call and let you know!

You’ve probably had your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned before. What was the experience like? Do any of the following questions reflect your last Vancouver carpet cleaning experience?

  1. Did they care enough to arrive at the scheduled time?
  2. Did the quoted price change after the technician arrived?
  3. Did you feel any pressure to buy more services?
  4. Was the technician courteous, proficient and professional?
  5. Did they take the necessary time and care to thoroughly clean your fabrics?
  6. How long did your carpet take to dry?
  7. Were you truly satisfied with the results?

If two or more apply to your last carpet cleaning, our services might be just what you've been looking for!