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Best Of The City 2014

Thank you to all our customers and readers of WE Vancouver for voting and choosing us as Vancouver’s Best Carpet Cleaner 2014. This award is motivating and we promise our customers: This award will let us work even harder not only to keep on fulfilling, but even to further exceed our customers expectation. We are committed to top quality and top customer service not only the first time we come, but for each and every following service our customers book with us. That is our promise! Thank you again.

Red Wine Stain Removal

Last night, February 1st, 10pm we received an emergency call. A very friendly but concerned customer reported that they had just spilled some red wine on their wool carpet. He was surprised to still reach us on the phone. We were asked if we could come and help as early as possible Sunday morning. I confirmed that our senior technician Danny would be there Sunday 9am.

Our customer asked what to do in the meanwhile. We recommended as follows:

Blot up as much of the spill as possible using white paper cloth or tissue. Nothing else. We would then take care of the actual stain removal.

When our senior technician arrived on site this morning, the customer reported they were so worried, that they did try themselves by using water, vinegar and baking soda. An often seen and understandable reaction in a situation like this. Unfortunately, that treatment did not make it better and caused browning.

After professional treatment, our senior technician Danny removed the stain successfully. We thank our new customer for using BRISAS Carpet Care.

Give us a call for stain removal solutions at (604) 720-1572

Giving Back – Supporting Delta Animal Shelter

August 11th, Brisas Natural Carpet and Upholstery Care is participating in the 5th Annual Delta Animal Expo, the proceeds of which go to supporting the Delta Community Animal Shelter. Please visit the shelter’s website for more information.

This is our fifth year supporting the shelter, “a safe temporary home that offers medical and emotional support” for abandoned and/or abused animals. We will have a booth at the event, featuring a draw for free carpet cleaning! It is a great outing for the whole family, and you can learn more about pet-friendly businesses in the Lower Mainland.

“Delta Community Animal Shelter (DCAS) is a branch of the Property Use and Compliance Division of The Corporation of Delta and meets approximately 800 animals each year. Some of these animals are brought in by their owners because they can no longer care for them, some are found roaming and are unable to find their way home, and others are rescued by caring people who see an animal in need.

Whatever the reason they come to the shelter, DCAS is here to provide a safe temporary home that offers medical and emotional support. DCAS is proud of the care and rehabilitation we are able to provide to animals in the shelter. However, our community’s support is vital (through volunteers, monetary donations, providing services, and more) in ensuring the most needy of animals get the help they require.”

Brisas cares about the health of our clients, their families and their pets.

We also care about the health of our community. Much of Brisas’ community engagement involves animal welfare, as we are animal lovers! We also participate in events supporting the Richmond Animal Shelter and the Vancouver SPCA and are involved in fundraising initiatives such as donating silent auction items. We do these things because we know how important it is to give back. It may sound cliché, but we really do care.

In addition to our charitable work, we feel we are giving back every time you invite us into your home. We stand behind the safety of our all-natural cleaners, both your carpets and/or upholstery and your families and pets are healthier from making Brisas your cleaning choice.

Pet Safety, Clean Carpets and Dog Taxi

“Pets are more vulnerable than people to exposure to toxins in and around the home. Since pets are smaller, they are closer to carpets, garage floors, lawns and restricted spaces which may harbor chemical and pesticide residues. Their natural curiosity, coupled with a lack of awareness about toxic hazards, make them more likely to encounter substances harmful to their health.

Animals also have faster metabolisms and smaller lungs than we do. Their bodies have to work harder to try and eliminate these toxins. Not only are they processing these chemicals at a faster rate, they are also breathing them in more rapidly… Cleaning products with ingredients such as bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers or formaldehyde can put pets at risk for cancer, anemia, liver and kidney damage.

Even when the toxic cleaners are put away and closed, the vapors left behind can continue to harm both us and our pets.”

From Common Household Chemicals and Pets

It’s no secret that we here at Brisas Natural Carpet and Upholstery Care are huge animal lovers, which is a big part of the reason we use and stand behind our natural cleaning products. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that harsh chemical cleaners have caused family pets to get sick. We support many animal causes and have a booth at the Delta Animal Wellness Show and Paws for a Cause for this very reason.
Cleaning your carpets with us will help keep your pets safe!

Recently, Brisas did some work for Dog Taxi Vancouver, whose mission is “to be the first entirely environmentally friendly dog walking with training service in Vancouver, using solely propane or hybrid or electric vehicles to supply our canine-taxi fleet.” Owned and operated by Jorge Posada, Dog Taxi also provides kennel-free dog boarding and pet portraits.

We immediately knew that Brisas would be a great fit for Dog Taxi, due to our overlapping interests of animals and the environment. You may not be aware that Brisas, in addition to carpet and upholstery cleaning, offers a mobile vehicle detailing service. As anyone with a dog knows, they can mess up any vehicle pretty fast! Dog Taxi needed to be sure that whomever they hired to clean, sanitize and deodorize their dog transport vehicles would maintain their mission of no environmental damage.
Brisas to the rescue! We cleaned one of the dog taxis Jorge and his staff use for transporting dogs.

The main problem was hair and lots of it! As dog owners may know, it is extremely labour intensive to get out long dog hair, but our technician persisted. After much carpet brushing, and much filter cleaning, he managed to get the canine-taxi looking like brand new. And we can do the same for your vehicle, at no cost to you and your pet’s health.

Feel free to contact Brisas Carpet Care to ask questions about our services or set up an appointment.

We are only a phone call away from you having a clean carpet.