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Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, BC: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best method for cleaning carpets?

A: Hot Water Extraction with a Truck-Mounted unit is the best method for cleaning carpets. Though commonly called “Steam Cleaning”, no actual steam is involved in the cleaning process, apart from steam that may escape incidentally from hot water. When the cleaning solution comes in contact with the carpet/rug, it is anywhere between 120-250 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum cleaning power. After the carpet is cleaned, conditioned, and groomed, the Hot Water Extraction method thoroughly rinses the cleaning agents from your carpets/upholstery and extracts the water to decrease the drying time.

Q: How often should I clean my carpets?

A: Although the obvious answer may be “whenever they are dirty,” some carpets may not look but could be harbouring dust mites, fungi, mildew, mold, dead skin cells, and pet/organic stains just under the surface. By regularly cleaning your carpets (1-3 times per year depending on traffic flow), you will keep your home and environment clean, improve air quality, reduce allergens, and prolong the life of your carpet.

Q: What’s an “area”?

A: An “area” is a common definable location in the home. For example, it can be a hall, 10-15 stairs, bedroom, or one sitting area of upholstery. Living and dining room counts as two areas. Large Rec rooms, Games rooms, or Great rooms count as two areas.

Q: I was told once you clean your carpets or upholstery they are never the same, or you then have to clean them more often.

A: If you clean your carpets and upholstery yourself, it’s very possible that is true. If you hire a professional service who uses quality solutions and equipment, that statement is untrue. Why? Self-clean, poor-quality products can leave a residue that attracts dirt so shortly after you clean your carpets you find them dirty again. We use quality natural products and powerful equipment that thoroughly rinses all residue, leaving your carpets as good as new.

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