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The feeling of contentment that one feels after thoroughly cleaning the house is one of the most cherished feelings. Everything in its proper place, all things dust-free and each room’s fragrance fresh and reviving! The thought itself is invigorating! Like a big teddy hug from the house.

Have you heard the saying, ‘your thoughts become your reality’? Yes, your thoughts can become real. Get a big hug from your home sweet home by using natural home-made cleaning solutions to clean your house.

The next time you have a basin to scrub or a window to sponge, just raid your pantry. Everyday products like club soda, vinegar, and even vodka make for quick, inexpensive, and effective house cleaners. These natural cleaning recipes are not only environment-friendly but are also cost-effective. It's time to eliminate the toxins and chemicals from your home. Let’s go-

For all the Monica Geller’s out there, here are a few of DIY home-made cleaning recipes that will assist you in making all your surfaces sparkle.

Home-made All-Purpose Cleaner

  All-purpose cleaner is a must-have in your house to clean all types of hard surfaces and virtually wipe out germs. The procedure of making the cleaner goes like this:

  1. Take half cup of white vinegar,
  2. 2 tbsp. of baking soda, and
  3. Ten drops of essential oils, such as tea tree, lavender or lemon for their sterilising properties
  4. Blend all the ingredients well and store them in a glass amber spray bottle.

Glass Cleaner

Keep your windows and mirrors clean and clear with this home-made glass cleaner. The necessary components that you will need to prepare this glass cleaner include:

  1. 2 cups of water
  2. Half cup of cider or white vinegar
  3. One-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol (70 per cent concentration) and
  4. 1 or 2 drops of any essential oil (for its lovely scent)
  5. Mix all the components and keep them in a spray bottle. Shake the solution well before using.

Important Tip : Don’t clean windows on a hot, sunny day else the solution will dry fast and leave a lot of streaks on the glass.

Liquid Dish Soap

If you are expecting a big, bubbly soap mixture, then don’t get your hopes up with this solution. However, if you are looking for a liquid dish soap that is hard on the dishes yet delicate on your skin, then this solution will work wonders. The ingredients to make this liquid dish soap are:

Half cup warm distilled water

  1. 2 tbsp. kosher salt
  2. Half cup white vinegar
  3. Half cup Dr Bronner’s Sal Suds
  4. 1 tbsp. lemon juice, and

Lemon essential oil (for its aroma and disinfectant properties)

The recipe is as follows:

Mix warm distilled water with salt, and keep stirring until all the salt gets dissolved. Next, in a separate container, combine vinegar, sal suds, and lemon juice. Stir the blend into the salt water mix, and keep stirring until it becomes thick. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil for its fragrance and antiseptic properties. The dish soap is now ready. For convenience, store the soap into a dish soap container.

Wood Furniture Conditioner

The home-made wood furniture conditioner will nourish and restore your wood furniture. This conditioner’s making and application is a cakewalk. To make the wood polish, you will require:

  1. 1 tbsp. of olive oil
  2. 30 cup of distilled water, and
  3. 30 drops of essential oil, for example, pine, lemon, or lavender
  4. Combine these ingredients and store the liquid in a glass amber spray bottle; always jiggle well before using.

Always remember, white vinegar and baking soda cleans just about anything and everything.
We hope that these easy to make home-made cleaning recipes will be highly beneficial in your everyday cleaning processes.

Happy Cleaning!