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All good things come to an end. And so do your carpets at some point of your life! But with proper care and management, you can increase the longevity of your carpets.

Every day, harmful elements enter your carpet and slowly deteriorate its quality. But where there is a will there is a way! All you need to do to elongate your carpet’s life is to be careful and particular about your cleaning habits. Save your carpet with these smart tips:

Prevent Problems

Keep your carpet away from any harmful elements. Wash your carpet immediately if you drop food on it or if detergent based solvents start drying up on its surface. Soil and dust are the worst enemies of the carpet. Use doormats before entrances to prevent dirt from entering the carpet area. Always go for preventive measures  to avoid finding solutions later.

Vacuum Aggressively

If you have been lenient about dirt accumulation on your carpet, then worry not! Just turn on that vacuum cleaner and adjust it to the right setting and start vacuuming. The setting should not be too low or too high; find that perfect point where you can feel the tug of the vacuum. Next, be aggressive throughout the entire carpet and vacuum it at least twice. Doing this should address the dry cleaning needs of your carpet. A systematic carpet cleaning approach  helps in maintaining a cleaner and healthier living space.

Stain Removal

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Treat Stains Immediately

You can remove a stain completely by treating it immediately. The longer a stain reacts with the fabric of your carpet, the stronger it becomes. Use a spoon or a dull knife to slowly scrape the spilled food towards the centre of the stain. Press a clean cotton cloth on the stain to absorb the leftover stain particles. Now, use a damp towel to blot out the stain carefully. If the stain seems stronger, use plain club soda or a solution of water and vinegar as a stronger removal agent.

Hire Professionals Periodically

Portable steam cleaning equipment may be simpler to handle, but they have a low cleaning capacity. Go for truck-mounted equipment because they exhaust the dirty and humid air outside and their stronger suction leaves your carpets drier too. Professional hot water extraction is a very efficient way to clean synthetic carpets. This process costs you a bit, but it deeply and thoroughly cleans your carpets. Also, it is best to hire professional carpet cleaners once or twice a year for a thorough and carefree cleaning process.

Pay Attention to Furniture and Shoes

If you have furniture adjusted close to the carpet, change their positions periodically. Furniture placement affects the patterns of walking around, causing dirt accumulation in specific areas. Also, shoes seriously harm a carpet’s life. The hard surface of the shoes is responsible for wear and tear of the carpet’s fabric. Walk barefoot on the carpet to reduce daily wear and tear of your carpet.

From the day you lay out your carpets, treat them carefully and responsibly. Prevent deterioration from the very beginning by providing both personal and professional deep clean carpet care . Let your warm fuzzy carpets live longer!