Preparing Your Home for Carpet Cleaning Services – Brisas Carpet Care | Vancouver Carpet Cleaning
There are many things that you can do to make things easier and stress free for both you and your carpet cleaning technician. Carpet Cleaning companies will usually let you know what you need to do during the estimate and what they will do at the appointment. Here are some great things to consider when you are preparing for your appointment.

Vacuuming Before Hand

It is always a good idea to vacuum your home before the carpet cleaners arrive. Taking the time to get rid of surface dust and debris enables the cleaning technicians to focus on getting out the soils and dirt from deep within the carpet. Include area rugs, HVAC registers, and baseboards to keep dirt and dust from falling onto your newly cleaned carpets afterwards.

Keep Fragile and Valuables Safe

Remove any objects that are fragile or have value in the areas that you will be getting cleaned. Professional carpet cleaners should have insurance if something should break, but give yourself piece of mind and take away any stress the technician may feel by eliminating the chance of anything breaking. If you have valuables, make sure to put those items in a secure place until after the carpet cleaning process is finished.
Tea Cup

Keep Inquisitive Ones at Bay

Pets and children are inquisitive creatures, but the noise that carpet cleaning can create may scare them. Make sure that your pets are safely kenneled since many carpet cleaning companies need to leave a door open for their equipment. Children should also be kept in areas that they will not be in the way or be startled by the equipment.

To Move or Not to Move

Moving your furniture is not always required by carpet cleaning companies, so make sure to ask to see if this service is included in your quote. Moving smaller items such as lamps, baskets, clothing, and toys will allow carpet cleaners to spend the time cleaning instead of moving your belongings. If you have an area that you can quickly move larger furniture to, take the extra time to do so. Your carpet cleaning technician will thank you!

Pinning Up Fabrics

Making sure that items like drapes, bedding, and table clothes are pinned up will make things easier for the cleaner. You can use clothes pins to simply pin the longer fabrics up so that they will not get caught in the equipment.

Take Note of Stains

Before your carpet cleaner arrives, do a walk through of your home and write down any stains that you have additional concerns about. When your technician arrives, walk through the house with them and point out these stains so that they can pay extra attention to them.

Rock Star Parking

Finally, before your carpet cleaning company arrives for their appointment, make sure that you have made room for them on your driveway. Carpet cleaning companies have a great deal of heavy equipment they use to make your carpets clean and renewed. When you give them the space to make carrying their gear into your home easier, they will appreciate the gesture.