Should I Clean it or Throw it Away? – Brisas Carpet Care | Vancouver Carpet Cleaning

It can be confusing to determine whether a carpet needs cleaning or whether it is time to let it go. Even though carpets with good texture can last longer than 10 years, the average age a carpet can go is 10 years.

What makes it confusing is that you may move into a house and not know how long the carpets have been used by the previous occupants.

That’s why it is important to read this article. In this piece, we explain all the signs to look out for to determine whether you should call a cleaning service for your carpet or if it is time to throw it away.

Uneven Carpet Padding

Uneven carpet. Image source: Trip Advisor

Uneven carpet. Image source: Trip Advisor

Carpet padding is the bottom piece of the carpet. It is this part that holds the texture or the wool of the carpet together. The padding faces the wrath of the floor for many years. The padding also sinks in some spills that flow from the wool. These are all conditions that make it weak and weary. If the padding starts making crinkling sounds when strolls on it. It moves positions and doesn’t stay firm in place. All these are signs that it’s time to let your carpet lay to rest.

Rips and Split Ends

Carpet Rips

When your carpet starts showing split ends, know that it will soon start ripping. A carpet with split ends will tear bit by bit until it begins to look like a rug. At this stage, it is beyond repair. Worse, you can’t even clean it because it will rip the more. Replace such a carpet before it starts causing allergens and other carpet related diseases such as Salmonella and Kawasaki Syndrome.


A carpet that begins to lose color is old to the core. If its navy blue, it may shade and look like midnight blue and even if it is cleaned, it doesn’t look bright like it should. Such a carpet is tired and ready to be replaced.


Apart from these three reasons, there is no other stain, stink or condition that a professional cleaning company cannot deal with to restore your carpet. Professional cleaners can effectively remove stains, spots, dirt, grit, dust and stink from your carpet. But when hiring a company to do the cleaning for you, make sure you hire one that uses the hot water extraction cleaning method to clean your carpet because this method is the only way to thoroughly clean a carpet.