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How long it’s been since you noticed your carpet’s foul smell? Yes, it is your home and so is the long, spacious, warm and expensive carpet that still lays dull because of all the dirt, bobs, bits, pet furs, debris, grime and so forth stacked to its core.

Just like you clean your pet once a week, or launder your clothes when they become dirty, your carpet too requires maintenance at least once every year.   Cleaning and maintaining the beauty of your carpets is a must for a residence to be reliable, fresh and hygienic. Do you still remember the day when you desired to buy those beautiful rugs for your home sweet home? You know yourself how much money you invested in them, don’t you?
Immediately is the time you realize the importance of cleaning and maintaining your carpets since there are many reasons that focus on the requirements for carpet care. Just a few of them are listed below:
  • Cleaning your rug once or twice a year helps in prolonging its life warranty. Understand the care instructions printed clearly over the maintenance manual section of the carpet warranty form. To keep a respectable animation of your carpeting within society, you should clean them professionally with hot water extraction technique in every 12-18 months.
  • Carpets absorb airborne pollutants quickly, which needs to be taken out at proper intervals to protect indoor air quality of your home.
  • No one likes carpet stains or to be embarrassed in front of friends or relatives due to disgusting floor mats. You can keep off such sites by taking regular care of your carpets and avoiding the permanent damage caused to them by accidental spills.
  • Through good maintenance, your allergen-ridden and bacteria-ridden carpets can be fixed. You may not know, but the truth is that beneath your beautiful looking carpets, there could be endless dust mites and bed bugs hidden, securing their breeding. If you’ve youngsters in your household, then, proper carpet cleaning is a must to avoid unfortunate health hazards.
  • The new feel of your carpeting can boost the visual aspects of your room beside your work morale. People are happier and stress-free in a clean environment. Hence, clean and fresh carpets can be a positive morale booster.
Factors like the number of house members, outdoor environment, pets and so on affect the duration of professional cleaning by shortening it from once in a year to once in 6-8 months. Professional cleaning involves modern and intensive techniques in calculating series. This includes beginning with pre-conditioning for removing tough stains and soils, to running forward to the challenging work of manual cleaning tool, followed by light agitation and comprehensive training. To end with, carpets are thoroughly vacuumed for removing single most excerpts of soil, cleaning solution and odor. This also speeds up the drying process and freeze off any opportunity of saturation.
Brisas Carpet Care is one of the well-known Vancouver professionals in the field of carpet care and maintenance service provider. Carpets are classy and pricey, and so is their maintenance. We take charge of keeping your carpet care under your budget without compromising on essential quality elements. Contact us.